Self Development

Self Development

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Self Development: What is it and who uses?

Our lives, from social and family relationships, to academic and professional careers, can erode our self-confidence over time. This can lead to us increasingly doubting ourselves, hindering our growth and development over time. We are faced with many challenges, when life places obstacles in our way, one method of regaining confidence and momentum in our lives are methods of Self-Development and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.

Online Cognitive Behavioural Therapy techniques are incredibly useful for anyone. Whether it is for someone suffering from long-term anxiety, or someone seeking to build self-confidence for their career. Personal Self-Development through sessions with a life coach can help re-ignite the momentum in your life through establishing long-term goals and step-by-step plans to allow individuals to realise their potential.

Speaking to an Online Cognitive Behavioural Therapist can help put the spark back into your life!

Our Online Counsellors and Therapists utilise a wide range of methods in order to help patients overcome obstacles in their way. One common method is Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, this is due to its focus on the immediate obstacles that people must overcome. These can consist of counselling against negative thoughts towards a task.

These negative thoughts, over time, can interfere with our development; making us hesitant to take otherwise positive steps in our lives. Working with a CBT Therapist along with progressive Self-Development techniques can help remove these barriers and bring the momentum back to your life!

How Self-Development and Life Coaching can help you

  • Identify existing obstacles in your life which prevent you from realising your long-term aspirations
  • Helps you battle against negative thoughts that may dominate your mind towards events and tasks.
  • Provides you with a concise plan of action in managing negative thoughts and nurturing positivity.
  • Discover renewed self-confidence, focus and motivation towards what you seek to achieve.

Are Self-Development and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy right for me?

Anyone, ranging from sufferers of mental health conditions to those striving for personal, academic or professional development can truly benefit from undertaking CBT. Self Development can truly help you, whether it consists of:

  • Improving your physical or mental wellbeing
  • Helping to develop a strong work-life balance.
  • Improving communication for senior or executive business professionals
  • Those looking to develop their public speaking skills
  • Relationship counselling (Social, Dating, etc.)
  • Reaching personal goals and improving self-esteem.

How our Online CBT Therapists can help you

We offer access to a specially trained team of counsellors and therapists – Unlike Life Coaches; our staff are trained to a high degree. Making our team capable of taking you through every step of your journey through Self-Development and CBT.

Fully certified and accredited through the British Psychological Society – Having access to an accredited, regulatory body allows our team to provide the most recent psychological methods. This allows for full accountability and access to a wealth of additional knowledge to help you on your journey.

Our team undergoes consistent Continuous Professional Development – Our team of Therapists and counsellors are required to obtain a number of CPD points to retain membership to the BPS. This allows for access to new courses and methods to ensure cutting edge and highly successful methods are used.

Supervision – The supervision of our professional staff allows for a greater level of transparency and accountability. To ensure our usual level of high-quality service is provided consistently. We have your progress and wellbeing truly at heart.

Do you feel like your life is at an impasse? Need something to help kick-start your aspirations? Call us now for your consultation, and realise your potential![ultimate_spacer height=”30″]

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