Dialectical Behavioural Therapy (DBT) in London

Ever get angry for no reason? Worried about your personal relationships?

Uncontrollable emotions are often a source of shame and sufferers frequently find that their loved ones fail to understand that they come from underlying issues and not out of malice or spite. Disorders such as Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) which are characterised mainly by emotional instability require a special approach. Indeed, DBT was first devised in order to treat BPD and is the first kind of therapy to show significant results in treating it. However, you do not have to have been diagnosed with this particular disorder to benefit from DBT. If your emotions feel unmanageable, then DBT is one of the key therapies you may wish to consider.

What is Online Dialectical Behavioural Therapy?

DBT combines Online Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), which teaches you structured methods of dealing with negative feelings and situations, with techniques from Buddhist meditation. It works with the following skills: core mindfulness, interpersonal effectiveness, emotion modulation and distress tolerance. Patients are encouraged not only to work on situations outside of their therapy sessions but also to be aware of the fact that they must strive to avoid sabotaging their relationship with their therapist.

What does a Dialectical Behavioural therapist do?

An Online DBT therapist works with people whose key issue is the fact that they experience extreme emotional responses to life situations. At the same time, it teaches them to accept who they are and work with their negative emotions rather than trying to pretend they are not happening. A DBT therapist will also work through issues such as suicidal ideation, low self-esteem and post-traumatic stress which either result from or have caused these exaggerated emotional reactions.

How can Dialectical Behavioural Therapy help me?

If you continuously react in a disproportionate way to outside influences, DBT therapy may well be able to help you where other therapies have not. DBT is shown to be highly effective in dealing with issues such as anger management, emotional breakdowns and excessive attachment issues. If your life is an endless rollercoaster, DBT can help you to strategically address this and find ways of interacting more productively with others.

How long does Dialectical Behavioural Therapy take?

A course of DBT typically lasts around six to eight months. Your DBT therapist will chart your progress and ensure your therapy ends when you are ready. Most patients require the minimum of six months due to the ingrained nature of their emotional reactions, which in many cases are based on acute past traumas.

Is Dialectical Behavioural Therapy effective?

DBT has been lauded as a breakthrough therapy for the treatment not only of BPD and related disorders but also in cases of addiction and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). It is also shown to be very effective in group therapy situations, where patients can find solidarity in discussing their problems with others who are experiencing similar upheaval in their lives.

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