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Family troubles are common in all types of family units. Working together, we can all help each other.

Family troubles are common in all types of family units. Whether you are a large family with children of different ages who are constantly fighting, a couple who are trying to decide if divorce is best for both them and their child or even a group of non-related people who choose to live together as a family, family therapy can help you. The family should be a place of safety and support, and family therapy can guide you towards achieving this.

What is online family therapy?

Family therapy looks at a family as a unit, analysing how its members interact and finding ways to improve family relationships. Family therapy uses a psychotherapeutic model, which encompasses talking therapies such as online cognitive behavioural therapy and psychodynamic therapy. Family therapy can be conducted on its own, or individual members of the family can also choose to have one-to-one therapy in addition to group therapy. Harley Street Clinic therapists will always strive to ensure you get the correct help tailored to your needs.

What does a family therapist do?

It is natural in times of conflict within a family unit for individual members of the family to focus on themselves and not the entire family as a whole. A family therapist will attempt to get an overview of negative patterns of behaviour within the family and work with everyone to try and resolve these and replace them with healthier habits. No matter how serious or how trivial you consider your difficulties, a family therapist is trained to help you enjoy a more harmonious family life.

How can an online family therapist help my family?

It can be difficult to get all members of a family, particularly children or teenagers, to cooperate with online therapy. Equally, in cases where one party has committed infidelity or other betrayals of trust, they may be afraid of being attacked or blamed in an online therapy session. A family therapist will act as an intermediary, working to ensure that discussions are conducted in a productive and non-confrontational way.

How long does family therapy take?

The duration of online family therapy depends on the methods used and the issues facing your particular family. If there are difficulties engaging all family members with the therapeutic process, the therapy will take longer. Our Harley Street based online therapists work hard to make sure you all get as much as possible from your sessions without neglecting any members of your family or allowing anyone to dominate the conversation.

Is online family therapy effective?

If all family members are dedicated to change, family therapy can be a very useful way to foster healthy communication between family members and iron out any issues. Family therapy teaches each family member how to respect one another and avoid conflict in a way which has been proven to be effective in the long-term, even in cases where it seems that family relations have been damaged beyond repair.

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