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Finding the right therapy can be difficult when there are so many different approaches to choose from.

Finding the right therapy can be difficult when there are so many different approaches to choose from. Many people find that more than one type of therapy sounds appropriate for them and are concerned that simply selecting one of these therapies may not be enough to suit their needs. Fortunately, there are therapies such as Integrative Therapy which combine more than one type of therapy. These allow you to explore different ways of dealing with your issues during the same course of therapy, with the same therapist.

What is Online Integrative Therapy?

People are complicated. Integrative Therapy addresses this by using different methods to analyse the component parts of your personality. Methods used in Online Integrative Therapy often include psychoanalytical therapy, mindfulness, Online Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and humanist techniques. It is ideal for people who cannot settle on one sort of therapy, or who may wish to select one type of therapy in future but are unable to decide which one without trying a variety of online therapies.

What does an Integrative therapist do?

Our Harley Therapy Clinic Integrative Therapists are extensively trained and experienced in all the therapies they offer. The broad range of therapies they integrate into their sessions means they are able to help with a range of issues, from addictions and phobias to bereavement and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). An Integrative Therapy counsellor will help you identify the root causes of your problems and your triggers and then find ways to cope with these. If you decide that one element of the therapy really works for you and another does not, your therapist can work with you to tailor the therapy to your unique needs.

How can Integrative Therapy help me?

Integrative Therapy is popular because of its multi-tiered approach. It can be difficult to get a full idea of what different kinds of therapy entail without trying them out, so many people use it as a form of “trial run”. Others find that its versatility is effective for them where other therapies have had too narrow a focus for their needs. The good thing about Integrative Therapy is that there is nothing to be lost in trying it out.

How long does Integrative Therapy take?

Integrative Therapy is a medium-to-long-term therapy and weekly sessions may last for as long as a year. However, our Harley Street-based Online Therapy Clinic therapists will monitor your progress carefully and if they feel you would benefit from focusing on one type or types of therapy, they will discuss this with you and if necessary make arrangements for you to transfer to a different kind of therapy session.

Is Integrative Therapy effective?

Integrative Therapy works well for many people because of its flexible nature. Whether as a springboard from which to explore other therapies or its own right, it is gaining in popularity as an alternative to single or dual therapy approaches.

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