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These days, there are myriad therapies aimed at helping you to find practical ways of dealing with difficult feelings, situations and people in your day-to-day life without dredging through uncomfortable memories.

For some people, exploring negative past issues in order to improve their mental health seems too frightening and intrusive, not to mention time-consuming. Unfortunately, there is a common misconception that all therapies revolve around this practice. This is not the case. These days, there are myriad of online therapies aimed at helping you to find practical ways of dealing with difficult feelings, situations and people in your day-to-day life without dredging through uncomfortable memories. Solution Focused Brief Therapy is one of those online therapies.

What is Solution Focused Brief Therapy?

Solution Focused Brief Therapy is designed to help people who feel stuck in a rut. You may have a firm idea of how you want your future to look, but lack the tools to create this future. Similar issues crop up time and time again and your life seems to be jammed on repeat. You need a quick fix in order to function properly and conduct a normal life.

What does a Solution Focused Brief Therapy therapist do?

A Solution Focused Brief Therapy therapist will help you to face complicated issues in simple ways, uncovering your hidden strengths and enabling you to feel confident and good about yourself. Solution Focused Brief Therapy does not ignore the past. However, it avoids analysing painful memories and instead focuses on times in the past when your life was happier and more productive so that you can learn to replicate those times in the future.

How can Solution Focused Brief Virtual Therapy help me?

Solution Focused Brief Online Therapy is ideal if you want to take time to discuss the positive elements of your life as well as the negative and avoid dwelling on unpleasant things from the past. A Solution Focused Brief Therapy approach works on the premise that whilst willfully ignoring the fact that the past has shaped you is unhealthy, focusing too much on it can be very counterproductive for some people.

How long does Solution Focused Brief Therapy take?

Solution Focused Brief Therapy is a short-term therapy. You may need as few as four weekly sessions, or you may need up to 24 sessions. Your online therapist will help you decide what is best for you based on how well the initial sessions go. If you feel the online therapy is not working, you may wish to try something which focuses more on past experiences and less on a strategic future-based approach.

Is Solution Focused Brief Therapy effective?

Solution Focused Brief Therapy works best for clients who are ready to celebrate their strengths and the positive elements of their life. If you do not feel you need to or do not feel you have the time to enter into longer-term therapy, the “feelgood” aspect of Solution Focused Brief Therapy can be an effective boost which gives you a new perspective on life.

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Online Therapy & Counseling Services London

At Online Therapy Company we offer a variety of therapeutic services for individuals, couples, families and groups. While most of our therapists draw on a range of approaches in their work, we specialize in:

  • Psychodynamic psychotherapy: helping uncover blind spots in order to identify and confront the hidden sources of difficulties
  • Relational psychotherapy: working to attain insight and develop better, healthier ways of relating to oneself and others through a focus on the client/therapist relationship

We also draw extensively on cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), mindfulness, and coaching techniques and offer telephone and video support in addition to in-person counselling.

In some cases, clients find it helpful to engage in multiple types of counselling and coaching; other clients may progress from one form of therapy to another as their needs and goals evolve.

Please contact us if you have questions about which form of counselling might be most effective for you, or would like to learn more about how and where to get started with therapy in London.

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