Compassion Focused Therapy in London

Self-doubt and self-criticism are common elements of many mental health problems.

Life can become a nightmare when we are tormented by an inner voice which undermines our achievements and warns us that we will never make a success of anything. When we do not believe in ourselves, we create self-fulfilling prophecies whereby our thoughts are echoed in our outer world. Not only this, but when we do not like ourselves we often find it harder to be kind to others.

What is Compassion Focused Therapy?

Compassion Focused Therapy seeks to help clients move away from seeing negativity in situations and towards a positive slant on things. For instance, when a friend gets an impressive new job we can learn to imagine ourselves experiencing the same success in the future rather than feeling inferior and jealous and telling ourselves that we will never be good enough to do the same.

What does a Compassion Focused therapist do?

A Compassion Focused therapist’s goal is to teach you to be kinder to yourself. Whatever your feelings and actions in the past, your Compassion Focused therapist will listen without judgement and work towards making you feel as if you are worthy of self-love and thus able to become a person who can care for and respect others in the same way too.

How can Compassion Focused Therapy help me?

Are you suffering from intense feelings of self-doubt? Does the world feel like an unsafe place? Does your inner critic send you into spirals of hopelessness? Are you experiencing frequent panic attacks? If so, Online Compassion Focused Therapy may be a good fit for you.

How long does Online Compassion Focused Therapy take?

Compassion Focused Therapy aims to reset the “threat”, “drive” and “contentment” systems within us when they have become unbalanced. This happens when our “threat” system finds threats where there are none, our “drive” system does not sufficiently motivate us towards achieving positive goals and our “contentment” system does not kick in when it should, meaning we are never satisfied. Because everyone is different, there is no exact set time during which we can expect to achieve this.

Is Online Compassion Focused Therapy effective?

Compassion Focused Therapy has been proven to be effective using science-based methods. It may seem simplistic, but the simple act of being kind to ourselves and others can bring about clear positive results even early on in therapy. With our trained and experienced Compassion Focused online therapists at Online Therapy Company you are in good hands and can expect to be treated with genuine respect.

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