About Us

Online Therapy Company

The Online Therapy Company was founded by Dr. Aisha Ali, a BPS Registered Psychologist with more than 20 years’ experience of working in complex psychological care within both the NHS and private practice. She has worked with the most vulnerable individuals providing outstanding, lasting and effective therapy for her clients.

What we set out to do

We resolutely seek to improve the public perspective about psychological and emotional wellbeing and raising awareness.

At Online Therapy Clinic, we stand by our desire to offer exceptional and highly professional service throughout online psychotherapy and online counselling. Allowing patients to rest assured that we have their mental wellbeing at the forefront of our organization.

We understand the challenges individuals face in confronting mental health. That’s why we strive to make access to treatment of any kind as easy to access as possible.

We also offer expert Autism Assessment and Diagnosis using the Gold Standard ADOS2 for autism spectrum disorders.

Psychology Experts
more than 15 years’ experience
of working in complex psychological care
We offer 100% reliable and
confidential advice for our clients
Based in Harley Street
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Based on Harley Street
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Therapy within a positive, supportive
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For Better Welness & Hope
Why Choose Us

 Our online therapy clinic based in Marylebone, London has a staff of psychologists, social workers, clinicians & licensed mental health practitioners skilled in treating various modes of therapy for a wide range of patients.


In addition to a wide range of therapeutic modalities, our therapists vary in age, race and gender, providing you with choices and various comfort levels. The diversity of our team also influences the treatment methods used by each clinician.

Our therapists differ in the focus of their sessions, with some therapists treating individuals, while others specialize in couples, families and groups. The therapeutic modalities our clinicians use are varied and dependent upon the issue being treated. For example, Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) and Rationally Emotive Therapy (RET) are used by some specialists, while others use psycho-dynamic approaches such as object relations and Jungian Perspectives.

Our office staff will help you choose the therapist best suited to meet your needs. Your therapist, in turn, will make a treatment decision based on your individual needs.


You can count on us to do what we promise:

  • Will take care of your insurance and claim forms and all billing will be accurate
  • Have an emergency telephone service should you need to contact your therapist after hours
  • Provide a safe and comfortable environment
  • Maintain privacy at all times
  • Provide a convenient and well lit parking area
Expert Online Psychothreapy Services
Our Online Psychologists and Counsellors
Dr. Aisha Ali
DPsych Couns Psych, ADOS 2 Certified B.Psych (Hons)
DPsych Couns Psych, ADOS 2 Certified B.Psych (Hons)
Sandra Rasqui
Counselling Psychologist
Avni Savani
MSc Clinical Neuropsychiatry (Psychological Medicine)
Matthew Akal,
CPsychol AFBPsS
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What to expect…You will be asked some basic information for our records, as well as providing your insurance information if you have coverage. Based on your description of the reason for your visit, our trained and experienced administrative personnel will help you select the therapist best suited to meet your needs. We can also make this selection based on your schedule.

Our therapists are available seven days a week, seeing patients from early morning into the early evening. We always try to make your appointment on the soonest available date. You can be sure our professional is truly interested in you and your mental health issues.

Calling our office  will be your first step to begin therapy. Your call is private and confidential.

Upon Your First Online Consultation…

The length of a therapy session is typically 45 minutes. In most cases, therapy sessions are conducted on a once per week basis. Since weekly sessions are typically covered by most insurance plans, more frequent sessions can be considered depending on the acuteness of the problem and ones financial status.

As the course of therapy moves toward its conclusion, the weeks in between sessions may be increased. Statistically, the average course of therapy at our online therapy clinic is approximately 15 sessions. Duration of therapy is related to the severity and chronicity of the presenting problem as well as the goals of therapy.


The daily operation of our online therapy clinic is overseen with a firm understanding that a high standard of quality in terms of the services we provide, including providing a safe environment for our clients.

We are committed to encouraging a better understanding of mental health and psychology amongst the general public.

With our professional therapy services and holistic approach, we seek to provide a unique and high-quality service for our clients. While also striving to educate the wider public in order to make mental health open to everyone.

Our Team’s Core Values

Here at Online Therapy Company, we strive to embody the values that:

  • As individuals, we have the power to change and improve ourselves for the better.
  • Personal growth, long term and good mental health are crucial.
  • Therapy within a positive, supportive and safe environment, can allow us to overcome any challenges we face.

Our highly dedicated team is personable, sensitive, compassionate and committed to putting you at ease from the moment you contact our clinic. Our online psychologists and psychotherapists from London are available to listen to and, answer any questions you may have.

We adopt the right professional approach for every client, drawing on our experience, expertise and knowledge of your specific issue/condition.

What you can expect from our online service

While you are in the comfort of your warm home, one of our experienced online psychologists will provide a secure space for you to discuss and interpret your experiences in a way that will help you feel reassured and valued, allowing you to leave feeling hopeful of new prospects.

We pride ourselves on our capacity to work comprehensively with complex problems. Many have trusted us to help them with a variety of issues they have experienced in the UK and internationally, using a range of communication methods.

Our commitment is to provide you with the most effective and reliable psychological interventions and expertise to help you, regardless of whatever mental or emotional difficulty you are experiencing and bringing you powerful results.

We have provided excellent psychological and psychiatric help for many, from day-to-day issues caused by stress, anxiety and sleep problems to more complex and severe psychological difficulties.

What sets Online Therapy Company apart as a private clinic?

What we guarantee is a customized service that puts the client at the heart of what we do. As leading experts and pioneers in the field of psychology, we are committed to continually updating and improving our range of treatment approaches.

Our expert psychologists, psychotherapists and psychiatrists specialize in particular problem areas and offer the latest research-proven strategies to ensure we provide our clients with the very latest treatments, resulting in the best possible outcomes.

For example, Dr Aisha has found that although Eye Movement Reprocessing (EMDR) is particularly effective in treating Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), it has also produced remarkable results with her clients when treating borderline personality disorders, eating disorders and anxiety disorders.

Most importantly, all our psychologists, psychotherapists and psychiatrists are highly qualified and provide cutting-edge techniques and treatments in their respective areas of expertise, enabling clients to receive the best care and treatments possible, whatever condition they need treatment for.

Our psychologists also regularly act as expert witnesses preparing medico-legal reports for courts and are steps ahead with the latest research. You can rest assured that you are in safe hands with highly experienced experts who are also pioneers in the field of psychology and mental health.

We provide ADOS2 Gold Standard Autism Assessment and Diagnosis for children and adults. We also offer excellent strategies and vital coping mechanisms to assist both parents and individuals in all areas of their lives.

We truly understand that making the decision to see the right professional about your problem or concerns is of the utmost importance, and this is why we offer you a free, no-obligation 15-minute initial call. We ensure that there is as little disruption as possible to your busy lifestyle.


We offer 100% reliable and confidential advice for our clients. With our professional service and expert support from our team of psychotherapists, you can rest assured that your wellbeing is our priority.

Entering into a course of online therapy is often a courageous decision, about which most people feel quite reasonably that discretion is of the utmost importance.

We, therefore, guarantee all our clients that their engagement with our services will be treated with total confidentiality. Our privacy policy also includes the scrupulously careful use of electronic data. Every member of our team is bound by the highest ethical rules which are central to the profession to ensure client safety.

Working With Us

We are always interested in hearing from experienced professionals in the field of mental health and administration who would like to discuss the possibility of joining our team.

If you would like to explore the possibility of working with us please contact our administration team or via email and a member of our team will be in touch with you.


We are open to hearing your constructive feedback, as it allows our therapists and wider team to improve our services for other and future clients. Don’t hesitate in getting in contact with us if you have any feedback or comments regarding our services.