Online Schema Therapy

Having problems staying in control? Schema therapy might be the answer.

Have you tried a range of therapies without success? Is your life becoming unmanageable due to impulsive behaviours, self-sabotage and difficulty controlling your emotions? Are you tired of endless arguments with loved ones? Are you looking for a fast way to change your behaviours and feelings? If so, Online Schema therapy (also known as Online Schema counselling or Online Schema-Focused Cognitive Therapy) may well be for you.

What is Online Schema therapy?

A “schema” refers to a “plan” or “pattern”. In this case, it refers to a pattern of behaviour which consistently yields negative results. Schema therapy draws on techniques used in a range of other therapies including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Psychodynamic Therapy and Attachment Therapy. It is often used to treat personality disorders such as Borderline Personality Disorder.

What does a Schema therapist do?

A Schema therapist will begin by working out what your main issues, or “schemas” are.

A “failure schema”, for example, might manifest as you consistently leaving jobs because you feel you are not good enough to do them properly and destined to fail.

Conversely, you may suffer a “grandiosity schema” which sees you alienating yourself from others because of a belief that you are better than them.

Your therapist will listen to what you say without judgement and help you to work out what the root of each maladjusted behaviour and/or perception is so you can break the pattern you’ve fallen into.

Some patients find that they are holding on to patterns from childhood – others find that they have picked up bad habits during their adult years. However long a pattern of behaviour has existed, our Harley Street-based Clinic, Online Schema therapists are trained to identify ways to unpick it and ensure it does not return

How can Schema therapy help me?

If your life feels out of control because of your actions and feelings, and you have tried other talking therapies without results, Schema therapy may well be able to help you.

Schema therapy is aimed at improving your interpersonal relationships, helping you develop better self-esteem, examining repressed emotions, developing trust in yourself and others and encouraging you to consider your reactions to situations more carefully.

How long does Online Schema Therapy take?

Schema therapy is designed as a short-term online therapy, lasting on average a few months. As such, it is crucial that you are fully dedicated to therapy and work to develop a strong professional relationship with your therapist. You may only have 16 weekly sessions of Online Schema therapy, so you need to make them count.

Is Online Schema Therapy effective?

Schema therapy is widely considered to be one of the most cost-effective therapies out there for people trapped in unhealthy life patterns. A course of Schema therapy is short but the nature of the therapy means that it is intensive and in-depth. Despite being created from a mixture of different existing therapies, Schema therapy is very structured and requires a methodical approach in order to see results.

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