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Self-image is as important as others’ opinions of us. Without a positive self-image and good self-awareness, we cannot change and grow.

However, it can sometimes be difficult to properly understand how our minds operate without a bit of help.

What is Person-Centred Therapy?

Person-Centred Therapy derives from Humanistic theory developed in the 1950s and 1960s. At its foundation is the belief that everyone is capable of being a positive, loving person and leading a happy life. Person-Centred counselling involves an in-depth analysis of a person’s hopes, fears, needs and wants with a view to using this increased self-knowledge to improve their quality of life.

What does a Person-Centered therapist do?

The aim of Person-Centred Therapy can be summed up as helping an individual to achieve their full potential. The theory behind it is that a Person-Centred therapist can work out how a person’s potential has become blocked and what is needed to unplug this blockage. If you undergo a therapy which is Person-Centred, you will be encouraged to celebrate your strengths as well as your perceived weaknesses and use your inner resources to effect change.

How can Person-Centred Therapy help me?

Person-Centred Therapy is not practised as a discipline in itself. Indeed, it forms the bedrock of most of the therapies offered at Online Therapy Clinic. So, the chances are that even if you do not specifically request a therapy which involves its use, you are likely to find yourself engaged in it if you choose to seek help from our clinic.

How long does Person-Centred Therapy take?

Because it is used as part of other therapies, Person-Centred Therapy can last for just a few sessions or for over a year. It depends entirely on the therapy you are undergoing.

Is Person-Centred Therapy effective?

Person-Centred Therapy is a highly effective way to ensure that therapy sessions always recognise your strengths and your potential to change your life for the better.

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