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Sigmund Freud said that Words have a magical power. They can bring either the greatest happiness or deepest despair; they can transfer knowledge from teacher to student; words enable the orator to sway his audience and dictate its decisions. Words are capable of arousing the strongest emotions and prompting all men’s actions.

We don’t always choose for the circumstances of our lives, but we can choose how we respond to them.
A psychotherapeutic approach can help you to get through those difficult moments and explore your issues in a safe and respectful environment.

We offer Online psychotherapy and online counseling for individuals and couples based in Harley Street district of London, to help each individual by guiding them along the journey of personal mental growth and change.

Emotional experience can make many people feel lost, isolated and alone. Online therapy is a way to relieve that sense of feeling alone, unsupported and form a trusting, collaborative relationship with someone who accepts you just as you are. We believe that each individual is complex and requires a personalized, holistic therapeutic approach. We Incorporate several effective therapeutic techniques and seek to find the combination that is best suited to your needs.

Online Psychological Services and Support
Online Mental Health Services We Offer
Our online therapists offer empathy, authenticity and expert insight to guide you to your life journey. Our focus is your psychological wellbeing, and we are here to provide you with a safe, supportive and personalized environment to continue along your path toward self-healing. With our help and support the issue you are facing today, can empower you to grow and thrive.

If you are seeking Online therapy in London, explore our website and learn more about the services we offer or call us to find out how we can help you.

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Are You struggling with the symptoms of
anxiety, depression, addiction or another personal mental health concern?
You are not alone. Everyone Struggles at One Point or Another.  No matter what you are struggling with, by working with a professional therapist, you can develop the tools and insight you need to make a change. Individual therapy can help you. Depending on your particular experience and needs, our therapists can help you address and resolve specific issues.
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    Psychotherapy and Counselling Services in London
    Our therapists provide confidential care that not only gives our clients the tools and strategies to thrive but also a deeper understanding of the emotional undercurrents of their lives and relationships.
    Conditions We Address

    Individual Therapy

    Individual therapy also known as counselling and psychotherapy is an empowering journey of self-awareness and improvement. In confidential one-to-one online...

    Couples Therapy

    Few couples expect they will ever need counselling, and few come to counselling at the start of a problem. Most...

    Family Therapy

    Stressors from inside the family and from without can disrupt and fracture relationships. Family therapy is a way of repairing...

    Children Therapy

    Many children have difficulty understanding what they are feeling or how to manage their emotions. When this happens, they often...


    We offer psychological assessments for adults and children such as Autism Diagnosis, ADHD Diagnosis and Medico-Legal Reports....
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    Affordable Online Psychotherapy and Couselling Services
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    Counselling & Psychological Therapy Sessions
    Free 15mins telephone Consultation
    Couple Therapy
    Free 15mins telephone Consultation
    Psychiatrist initial appointment
    Diagnosis, Treatment Plan & Report.
    Follow up appointment
    25 mins Appointment
    ADHD Assessment
    Fully comprehensive assessment/testing & Report assessment/testing & Report
    ADOS Full Assessment
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    Why people may seek online therapy?

    There are many reasons for adults seeking online psychological support (Online Counselling Psychology and Psychotherapy). You may be feeling upset, distressed and need someone to talk to. Someone to help you discover the cause of your unhappiness. Counselling Psychology and Psychotherapy can help in many ways: Depression / Emptiness / Ongoing Melancholy Stress management / […]

    Understanding Online Counselling

    Online counselling and psychotherapy are umbrella terms that cover a range of online talking therapies. They are delivered by trained practitioners who work with people over a short or long term to help them bring about effective change or enhance their wellbeing. Online talking therapies can help you work out how to deal with negative […]
    Therapy Reviews
    Patient’s Saying
    After suffering from a culmination of years of depression, anxiety and emotional regulation issues, I cannot thank them enough for all the support and guidance they gave me through what was an extremely difficult time. As well as providing a kind and sympathetic ear.
    MartinaLondon, UK
    I decided to see a therapist to help me with my Anxiety and Panic disorder.  Immediately after starting sessions, I began to understand what was going wrong with me and that was the stepping stone of my “healing” path.
    NickLondon, UK

    Online Psychotherapy and Counselling Services

    Online Psychologist Providing Therapy and Counselling to Individulas, Couples and Children in London

    We are a team of leading private psychologists providing online counselling services to adults, adolescents and children. We provide  online Counselling and psychotherapy in the U.K. and worldwide. You can trust and rely on us to help you with any mental or emotional health issue you might be experiencing.

    Premier Online Therapy Clinic for Mental, Emotional Health & Well-being from Harley Street

    We are London’s Premier Private Online Psychological Therapy Clinic based in Harley Street, Central London known for its wide range of highly effective expertise, reliable, caring and highly confidential professional psychological therapy services.

    A team of leading highly qualified and expert online private counselling psychologists, psychotherapists and psychiatrists in Central London. We offer an individualised service for adults, couples, families, children and adolescents to help you change behaviour and overcome problems to improve relationships and overall emotional wellness.


    Online Counselling and Psychotherapy Clinic

    If you are looking for expert and confidential help with your mental health, tailored to your needs, you can rest assured that our practitioners are the best in London and able to offer the help and support your needs. We offer private online therapy to individuals, couples, children, adolescents and families from our Harley Street practice.  We accept self-referrals, or  GP, psychiatrist or other health care provider referrals.

    If you are experiencing stress, depression anxiety, relationship problems, anger management and sexual issues or other issues and you need help, we are here to support and guide you to a better emotional and psychological state so that you can start enjoying your every day again.


    What’s the difference between counselling and psychotherapy?

    Whilst there is a huge amount of overlap, the key difference is that counselling focuses mainly on talking through problems, whereas psychotherapy tends towards employing specific techniques designed to help you change your behaviour patterns as well as come to terms with negative influences in your life. That is not to say that a counsellor will not provide coping strategies – rather that there is slightly more focus on doing this in a systematic way when you see a psychotherapist. Neither method is better than the other. It is a matter of personal preference and needs.

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