Autism Diagnosis for Children in London

Autism Spectrum Disorder is a blanket term for autistic disorders including not just autism but also lesser-known disorders such as Asperger’s Syndrome and pervasive developmental disorder not otherwise specified.

Autism Spectrum Disorder is often erroneously referred to as simply “autism”, even if it is an individual who is actually suffering from a different form of autistic disorder. It can make life hard for an affected child and their loved ones. The good news is, common difficulties such as trouble settling into a new workplace, communication issues within relationships and general feelings of isolation can all be helped with talking therapies.

What is autism or Autism Spectrum Disorder?

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is a developmental disability which affects a child’s communication skills and relationships with other people, as well as the way a person sees the world around them.

ASD cannot be cured, only managed. It is often associated with the image of an “autistic savant” with an unusual talent, usually for music or mathematics. However, not everyone with ASD is a genius and many people successfully hide their disability from those close to them.

There is still, sadly, a stigma connected to ASD, and many people suffering from it are dismissed as unfeeling or cold when in actuality they are very sensitive to emotions in both themselves and others.

How do I know if my child has autism or another ASD?

Only a trained mental health professional can diagnose someone with ASD. An “autism test” on the internet aimed at ticking off “autism symptoms” is no substitute for proper diagnostic tools administered by an expert. However, some of the key characteristics of autism according to  and other ASDs in children are as follows:

  • Problems during speech development and monotonous or repetitive speech as an adult.
  • An aversion to physical contact.
  • Problems with socialising, including fear of eye contact or large groups.
  • An obsessive need for order and routine.
  • Not drawing their parents’ or others’ attention to objects or events, for example pointing at a toy or a book, or at something that is happening nearby
  • Carrying out activities in a repetitive way, for example always playing the same game in the same way, or repeatedly lining toys up in a particular order
  • Resistance to change or doing things differently
  • Behaviour such as biting, pinching, kickingpica (putting inedible items in the mouth), or self-injurious behaviour.

Private diagnosis for Autism in London

Amongst other diagnostic services such as ADHD Diagnosis that we offer in our private therapy clinic in London, we offer a diagnosis for autism for children.

Private autism diagnosis will reduce the waiting time and your child will get the appropriate needed support faster. The costs of autism private assessments can vary, so it’s a good idea to phone several services to ask about costs, what this pays for and whether any follow-up service is offered.

Visit our private diagnosis for autism in adults to learn more about adult autism.

Private autism assessment cost

You can find the cost of our private autism assessment in London in our psychotherapy fees page.

How can I treat ASD?

ASD does not usually respond to medication, so talking therapies are generally the main treatment suggested. Cognitive Behavioural Therapy shows some of the highest success rates for those with ASD, perhaps because of its structured nature.

ASD operates along a fairly broad spectrum, however, so it is important to work with a trained therapist to find a tailored approach which is best for you.

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