Medico-Legal Psychological Assessment Reports

Our psychological assessment and medico-legal reports and are conducted by highly qualified professionals, for a variety of purposes including divorce cases, immigration cases and workplace tribunals. We also produce shorter reports of psychological reports.

Trouble convincing the divorce courts that your marriage is causing you mental suffering? Issues with a workplace dispute? Forced to claim mitigating circumstances at university? We know you need to make a solid case with firm evidence and that this can be distressing when you are having mental health problems. At Harley Therapy Clinic we offer a thorough and fast report service so you can move forward with confidence.

Which areas do your psychological reports for court cover?


Our reports cover key areas including:

  • Asylum and immigration cases
  • Divorce cases
  • Mitigating circumstances for academic courses
  • Risk assessments
  • Mental capacity assessments
  • Forensic reports
  • Workplace grievances
  • Educational reports.

How do I book an appointment?

Just call us and you can speak to a trained psychologist or psychotherapist, who will help you decide what kind of mental health professional you need to see for an assessment and book you in. We can usually offer you an appointment within 1-3 days.

How long will the appointment be?

Appointments usually last around two hours for a long report, but some will last longer, depending on what kind of diagnosis is reached.

Can I have a Skype appointment?

Yes. Courts now accept Skype as a valid method of generating a medico-legal report.

When will I receive my report?

We aim to send your report to you within two weeks but we also offer an emergency two-day turnaround service. You can either opt for a long report (necessary if you need to use it in court) or a short report.

What can I expect from the appointment?

You may feel nervous before the appointment or concerned that you will not be able to fully explain what you are feeling, especially if it may affect the outcome of a court case. This is natural. Our team of mental health professionals comes highly qualified and experienced at putting patients at ease. Remember, you will not be judged. Many patients find that taking notes into a session helps them to remember everything they want to say.

What will happen after I receive my report?

You may wish to give us a call straight away to organise a treatment plan or you may decide to simply use the report for its original purpose for now and consider treatment in the future. Whatever you decide, we are here to guide you through your next steps.

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