Self-harm is not the solution. Managing your emotions through therapy can help you learn to cope.

Struggling to manage the urge to hurt yourself?

Humans have created coping mechanisms to deal with the pressures and demands of daily life. The psychological necessity to do so is clear – to make yourself feel better. However, it can be that we develop behaviours that, despite creating a sense of relief, are in turn destructive and unable to address the root cause of the problems we face.

For some, self-harming can provide a distraction from negative emotions or provide relief from the feeling of being numb. Despite this, the damage to your physical and psychological health is far more detrimental. Self-harm can also affect those closest to you, whilst creating feelings of isolation, guilt, and low self-esteem.

Online Psychological Therapies we Offer:

How counselling and psychotherapy can treat self-harm

Through engaging with the support that counselling and psychotherapy have to offer you can explore the desires you have to cause yourself harm. Your online therapist or online counsellor can enable you to improve your levels of self-esteem and offer support on how to manage the triggers that have created negative behaviours.

By learning to understand your feelings whilst developing new strategies to handle your emotions, online therapy can create the foundation on which to regain a healthy ability to cope with the stresses of life.

Online self-harm counselling and psychotherapy treatment

The Online Therapy Company counsellors and psychotherapists have the experience and training to provide you with the best support on your journey to recovery.

Our practitioners understand that self-harm is incredibly personal and can manifest itself in a variety of ways, including:

  • cutting of the skin
  • scratching and picking
  • hitting yourself
  • burning yourself
  • substance abuse (alcohol, drugs, overeating)
  • seeking and engaging in destructive activities (unsafe sex, dangerous situations)

Our online counsellors and psychotherapists will work with you to identify the driving factors behind your need to self-harm, providing you with a confidential and secure environment to explore your feelings. This, in turn, will equip you with the ability to overcome negative thought patterns and allow you to improve your sense of self-worth.

It is common that self-harm is associated with other mental health conditions such as depression, post-traumatic stress disorder or borderline personality disorder. If this is the case our practitioners can offer the correct support and refer you if necessary to ensure you get the right help.

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Author – Dr Aisha Ali – DPsych Couns Psych, ADOS 2 Certified B.Psych (Hons)

Dr Aisha Ali is a highly experienced BPS Chartered Counselling Psychologist and Expert witness with over 15 years experience of working within the NHS in complex care and private practice. She has extensive experience of working with individuals, couples and families presenting with complex psychological and emotional issues. Aisha provides life and performance coaching.

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