Are you experiencing fertility problems? Therapy can help address the psychological strain.

Fertility problems and their effects on mental health

The journey to parenthood is not always an easy road. For some, it can be fraught with difficulties and for others, it is simply unobtainable. Fertility treatment can be a lengthy process that can cause considerable strain on both you and your partner. If emotions are left unchecked and the stress of uncertainty manifests itself as negative feelings, the problem of conceiving a child can become all-encompassing.

The psychological ramifications of this process can be incredibly difficult to cope with and can impact personal well-being as well as the foundations of a relationship. Whether you are coming to terms with the possibility of not being able to conceive, or are in the process of IVF treatment, addressing your feelings is an important step during this emotionally complex time.

Online Psychological Therapies we Offer:

How counselling can offer support to those with fertility problems

Online counselling offers a confidential environment in which you can examine your feelings and emotions towards fertility and family. By creating this space for dialogue and resolution, issues surrounding the process of fertility treatment and its effects upon your mental health, relationships and sex life can be addressed.

The importance of understanding our fears and thoughts associated with infertility cannot be underestimated. Counselling can help support you to find acceptance at the end of treatment and recognise or explore alternative options. The intense emotions linked with the problems of fertility are approached with compassion and can enable you to find appropriate coping strategies to manage your feelings and expectations.

Online Therapy infertility counselling

The Online Therapy Company understands that the problem of infertility can feel extremely isolating. Struggling through the process of fertility treatment can have a negative impact upon communication with those closest to you and the uncertainty can lead to issues such as depression and anxiety. The highly trained and experienced online therapy counsellors can provide support at whatever stage you need.

They will work with you either together as a couple or separately, and equip you with the ability to manage difficult feelings. By creating a tailor-made strategy to help your specific needs, you can find the strength to reconcile feelings of loss and navigate the complexities during this period of time.

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Author – Dr Aisha Ali – DPsych Couns Psych, ADOS 2 Certified B.Psych (Hons)

Dr Aisha Ali is a highly experienced BPS Chartered Counselling Psychologist and Expert witness with over 15 years experience of working within the NHS in complex care and private practice. She has extensive experience of working with individuals, couples and families presenting with complex psychological and emotional issues. Aisha provides life and performance coaching.

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