Know that you’re not alone in dealing with cancer. Our expert team is always on hand to help.

Receiving a medical diagnosis of Cancer can be truly devastating news, leaving the recipient feeling truly isolated, often unable to grasp the magnitude of the situation. Human emotions can run at the extreme intensity with getting news like cancer; leaving people in intense states of denial, anger or depression.

Being diagnosed with cancer leaves people with major, existential questions when before, and mundane questions only arose. Questions like ‘will I survive this?’ Or unspoken emotions of fear and uncertainty for what comes next can prevail.

With Counselling, you’ll never have to face Cancer alone

While friends and family will always be there as a means of support, it’s challenging to open up to others; whether it’s because they may not understand or an inner hesitation to ‘burden others’.

Our team of Therapists and Counsellors understand that cancer can throw up all these concerns and problems, but we can reassure you that managing and supporting you will not have to be one of them.

Having access to one of our expert counsellors can help you develop coping and management systems for confronting otherwise challenging emotions and questions on your own. Our team can also offer support and education for relatives and friends to allow them to better understand and provide a strong, positive network of support for you.

How Counselling can support and help you

  • Our counsellors can help you manage otherwise challenging feelings of Anxiety and Stress over the future.
  • Managing changes before, during and after treatments and how to re-adjust
  • Counselling provides you with a positive, judgement-free space to express your feelings and concerns.
  • Allows for the space to discuss developments with relationships after receiving the diagnosis.

With Online Cancer Counselling, you never have to feel alone

With our team of counsellors and therapists, we provide a range of services to help you feel less alone throughout the process. We pride ourselves in our approach to ensuring our patients are given the best support in order to improve physical and mental wellbeing.

We strive to support you in any way possible, so don’t delay and call us now for a consultation.[ultimate_spacer height=”30″]

For more information call 0753 718 1090 or email help@online-therapy.company. To book a Virtual Therapy appointment with the Online Therapy Company, please fill in the online booking form.

Online Therapy Company

A London based private online psychotherapy and counselling practice. Our therapists provide effectively, personalized therapy to individuals, couples, and families from our conveniently located Harley Street locations. Contact us today to find out how we can help you.


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