Dyslexia can be easily managed with the help of a qualified professional and quality of life can be greatly improved.

Are you or your child struggling with dyslexia?

Dyslexia is a learning disability that makes it difficult to read, write, and spell. Its severity varies from person to person, but it is the most common of all learning disabilities globally. It is thought to have an affect upon 7% of the world’s population. Despite this, many people are undiagnosed and as a result, they do not always get the right support to enable them to overcome some of the difficulties that the condition creates.

During education and employment dyslexia can have an impact on your ability to perform at the standard that you want to. Due to this, dyslexia can lead to feelings of self-doubt, low self-esteem and anxiety. With an accurate diagnosis and specific support, living with dyslexia can be managed effectively and with ease.

How a diagnosis and treatment can help

Diagnosing dyslexia early is key to enabling individuals to receive the help they need to lead successful lives. Children sometimes present early signs of dyslexia such as speech difficulties and not being able to differentiate between left and right, but as dyslexia is a learning difficulty it can also interlink with other disorders. It is important that learning disorders are addressed as soon as possible as difficulties at school can lead to mental health issues. Children who struggle with their abilities to read and write, despite their level of intelligence, can become extremely frustrated.

This emotional distress can have a negative impact on their sense of self and create feelings of failure that are carried forward into adult life. With the proper diagnosis, dyslexia can be treated effectively. The emotional difficulties that manifest because of the condition can be addressed and specific learning tools can be created to manage the condition.

There are numerous tests that can be used to identify dyslexia, but it is important that the test you use is administered by a qualified educational psychologist. Be aware that although simple online screen tests are available they cannot provide a reliable assessment, neither can they include appropriate interventions.

With a psychologist’s help, you can be sure that all information will be considered throughout diagnosis and treatment. This includes using background information, exploring other learning difficulties, assessing general intelligence, language, word recognition, and phonological ability. A psychologist can then offer advice on how best to move forward and improve academic or professional performance.

Dyslexia assessments with Online Therapy Company

Dyslexia can hold an individual back, but with the proper diagnosis and support, it can be easily managed. Our educational psychologists have extensive training and can conduct dyslexia assessments that can lead to real, positive change.

After completing a dyslexia assessment with Online Therapy we will create a comprehensive report, discuss the results and provide specific strategies to cope with the condition. The reports that we make can then be passed on to schools or universities so that considerations can be made in respect to exams and coursework assignments.

Our practitioners can also help support you with any mental health problems that have arisen due to the difficulties of coping with dyslexia. We will work together to overcome the problems you face and achieve your goals for the future.[ultimate_spacer height=”30″]

For more information call 0753 718 1090 or email help@online-therapy.company. To book a Virtual Therapy appointment with the Online Therapy Company, please fill in the online booking form.

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