Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar Disorder

Our expert Psychiatrists and Psychotherapists can help you weather the storm of Bipolar Disorder.

Originally called ‘Manic Depression’, Bipolar Disorder is a psychological condition that leads to severe mood swings in those that suffer from it. While it is a serious condition, suffering from Bipolar Disorder is nothing to be ashamed of. Our team of expert online Therapists and Counsellors have a vast degree of knowledge and experience in dealing with mental health problems such as Bipolar.

Knowing the Difference – There are two types of Bipolar Disorder

Contrary to popular belief, Bipolar Disorder fluctuates depending on the sufferer and their circumstances. The difference is in how it manifests emotionally:

  • Bipolar 1 – Those suffering from this form of Bipolar will find themselves undergoing spells of excitable mania spanning days or weeks before falling into severe depression and sadness.
  • Bipolar 2 – This form is more sporadic than the latter, with episodes of mania and depression within quick succession.

Living with undiagnosed Bipolar Disorder can be truly difficult

Bipolar Disorder, if left untreated or ignored by the sufferer can have serious and often dangerous repercussions for both the sufferer and potentially their friends and family.

It can cause the sufferer to have sporadic and violent mood swings ranging from excitable mania to debilitating depression. In manic spells, the individual may have a reckless disregard for their surrounding environment and personal safety.

While depressive episodes will see a complete loss of passion and motivation and can lead to severe conditions such as suicidal thoughts. If anyone you know suffers from this range of conditions, know that help is always there and available.

Bipolar Disorder – Our Online Therapy Approach

The level of information and professionals out there can allow anyone suffering from this form of Disorder find professional and highly skilled help. Therapists and Counsellors are able to provide a wide range of treatments depending on what you both believe to be the best course of action.

When it comes to the extreme spells of emotions in manic and depressive episodes, medications such as Anti-Depressants, anti-psychotic or anti-convulsant therapies are available to help manage every step of your treatment.

Working alongside your therapist or counsellor in conjunction with medication can guarantee long-term management and support for bipolar disorder.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy as an additional support

Bipolar Disorder can coincide with other mental health problems that can make symptoms significantly worse over time. With the use of online CBT through our therapists, we can provide a way of re-framing your perspective during, particularly challenging times.

Known as ‘Talking Therapy’, CBT allows you to break the vicious circle that Bipolar Disorder places sufferers in with an open, non-judgemental environment to equip you with the tools needed to manage your conditions.

While there is no cure for bipolar disorder, the expertise exists to allow for the best kind of management techniques to be applied, helping you to reclaim your life.

Knowing that you’re not alone as a sufferer of Bipolar Disorder is part of a long process in helping you overcome bipolar disorder from easy to difficult days.[ultimate_spacer height=”30″]

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