Narcissistic Personality Disorder

Narcissism can cause severe problems with personal development. Our therapists can help pull you away from destructive, narcissistic behaviour.

In Greek mythology, Narcissus was a young man who fell in love with his own reflection in a lake, and this disorder is so named because those who suffer from it, like Narcissus, have an inordinate concern with their own attractions and abilities. Someone with the narcissistic disorder will fantasise about his or her intelligence, skill or appearance, believing unquestioningly in his or her uniqueness and special quality. Such people can be arrogant and demanding, looking down on others and always seeking attention and admiration. They cannot tolerate criticism, though they are always critical of others. The consequences of this are that such people find it very difficult to form relationships, treat others badly and are generally very difficult to live with.

Narcissists find any criticism painful, and feel shame and embarrassment which prevents them from responding positively. They happily exploit other people to reach their own objectives, and they will boast about their own abilities and achievements. They tend to live in a fantasy world where they see themselves as beautiful, successful, talented and high achievers, regardless of the reality of their situations. They demand attention from others and always seek praise and admiration, lacking empathy for others and easily becoming jealous. They put themselves and their own interests above those of others, but often suffer from unreasonable feelings of rejection when the world fails to match their curious notions, which means that they are almost certain to be frustrated and unhappy.

The causes of such a condition are difficult to identify. Some would argue that such traits are inherited through families, while it has also been claimed that it can be the result of excessively lenient treatment in childhood – “spoiling” by foolishly indulgent parents. A quite different view is that it is caused by childhood mistreatment or abuse. Clearly it is identified as a psychological disorder which needs careful therapeutic treatment if it is not to ruin one’s personal life.

Psychotherapy cannot cure the condition but it can help the sufferer to manage his or her feelings and give guidance on how to avoid the worst aspects. It can help with forming relationships, both in the personal sphere and at work, and support the sufferer who may experience depression or feel drawn to drastic escapes such as substance abuse or alcoholism. It is possible that some types of medication can reduce symptoms.

The essential thing to recognise is that help can be offered for those who suffer from the condition and that this help has a proven record of success. The lonely sufferers need to be aware that there really are ways of making their distressing situation better.[ultimate_spacer height=”30″]

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Personality Disorder

The intensity and struggle of a personality disorder can be managed with the right help.

Are you struggling with a personality disorder?

The intense emotions and daily struggle of a personality disorder can permeate the life of both the sufferer and those around them. Many people experience a sense of crippling isolation and powerful feelings of negativity that can have a long-lasting impact on their ability to lead the life they deserve. The diagnosis of a personality disorder itself is complicated by the stigma that surrounds it, and this, in turn, can have a profound effect upon how individuals with the condition understand themselves and their experience.

Human personalities are indeed incredibly complex, however, personality disorders are defined by the way in which they cause serious destructive harm to the individual and the world around them. There are ten types of personality disorders grouped within the categories of Suspicious, Emotional, and Anxious. Despite these groupings, many people suffering from personality disorders may find that they do not neatly fit within one definition. Nevertheless, it is vital that support is given to ensure that those suffering from the extreme nature of a personality disorder receive the help needed to manage both emotions and behaviours.

How online counselling and psychotherapy can be used to treat personality disorders

The effectivity of counselling and psychological therapies in regards to treating personality disorders should not be underestimated. Through implementing a range of therapeutic practises such as online cognitive behavioural therapy, psychodynamic psychotherapy, and dialectical behavioural therapy, ground-breaking steps have been made to improve the lives of many.

Developing a deeper understanding of oneself, combatting ingrained negativity, and exploring communication and behaviour, help to break the cycles of destruction so common in personality disorders. The sessions with a counsellor or therapist can support and initiate new ways of processing emotions and lead to improved social relationships.

Online counselling and psychotherapy for personality disorders

Online Therapy can provide the very best support and service to those suffering from personality disorders. Our highly trained counsellors and psychological therapists develop coping strategies that are unique to you by exploring your condition at a pace that suits you.

We help establish what stressful triggers are causing destructive behaviour, examine persistent negative thought patterns, and offer support through intense emotional experiences. By utilising a range of therapeutic techniques we work to relieve the symptoms of low self-esteem, anxiety and depression, whilst improving self-awareness and communication.

Online Therapy Company

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