Parenting Issues

Being a parent is one of the most challenging but rewarding things you can do. Let our team of Parental counsellors and Psychologists help make it easier.

Parenting Issues

Being a parent is one of the toughest, most rewarding jobs in the world, it tests a parent and their many capacities to handle stress and pressure from multiple directions. But even the most experienced adults can struggle with the many demands placed on them by being a parent.

There’s never been a rulebook on how to be a parent, or how to deal with children as they grow up. We also make our own worst critics; placing unrealistic demands on ourselves to raise our children to be perfect in an imperfect world. It makes for the worst feeling to believe that, as parents, we aren’t good enough in some way.

Knowing that you’re not alone in feeling these often overwhelming pressures is the first step to realising that many parents can feel this way. And along with our group sessions, our team of highly experienced online counsellors can help you manage your feelings and concerns in a healthy, positive environment.

Why see a Counsellor?

Monumental chapters of your child’s life can be stressful, not just for them but for you as a parent. Experiences at school can be an emotional and stressful thing for us as adults to have to come to terms with as well. Our counsellors can also help future and current parents deal with their own past experiences as a child as well.

Undergoing parental counselling can genuinely help you confront past issues which may be affecting your parenting now. Allowing you to approach the task of being there for your child in a more positive, understanding way. Having social and family connections can also provide a crucial safety net, with your counsellor able to educate friends and family on how to best help you when times get challenging as a parent.

Benefits of Seeing a parental counsellor

  • Allows you to work through potentially painful childhood experiences.
  • Our Counsellors can help you manage otherwise stressful or unhelpful emotions when stressed
  • Gives you the tools to confront stressful situations with your child in a constructive, positive way
  • Often, underlying conditions such as Depression, Anxiety or low self-esteem are responsible for our actions as parents, having a counsellor can help relieve these conditions

With a Counsellor, many of these parenting issues can be managed

  • My child is having a difficult time adjusting to our new home
  • My relationship with my spouse is growing more distant
  • We’re struggling to cope with our child’s behaviour
  • I’m a single parent and struggling to maintain a work-life balance
  • My child is struggling with school. Am I a bad parent?

Let our team of online parental counsellors help you take the pains out of parenting

Struggling as a parent on your own is stressful for anyone. But with us in your corner, you’ll never have to battle the stresses alone. Don’t delay call us for a consultation![ultimate_spacer height=”30″]

For more information call 0753 718 1090 or email help@online-therapy.company. To book a Virtual Therapy appointment with the Online Therapy Company, please fill in the online booking form.

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