Panic Disorder

Are you suffering from repeated Panic Attacks? Psychiatric and CBT Therapy can help you feel better!

What is Panic Disorder?

Unlike Anxiety, Panic Disorder is a chronic condition in which, sufferers feel recurring spells of severe anxiety called ‘Panic Attacks’. These attacks are more intense than anxiety; causing an intense feeling of fear and resulting in physical and mental conditions such as severe heart palpitations, feelings of being suffocated and major disruptions to work productivity and sleep deprivation.

More often, this condition is seen in adults in their 20s, with one in every 100 people suffering from it. Panic Disorder means that attacks can be unpredictable; occurring at any time, and adding to an already stressful day.

Conditions such as Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, Generalised Anxiety and Phobias, making Panic Disorders a genuinely distressing condition to experience. It leaves sufferers with a snowball effect; fearing when the next attack might occur.

Treating Panic Disorder: Our Approach

Panic Disorder can be treated and managed through either a range of therapy of medication depending on the desires of the patient.

Therapy – treatments such as online Cognitive Behavioural Therapy have proven highly effective for sufferers of Panic Disorders. Allowing patients to reduce the frequency and intensity of their attacks, while also managing potential triggers. We offer a wide variety of other therapy options wherever suitable.

Medication – The use of Anti-Depressants for Panic Disorder has been highly effective in treatment, with over 50% of cases, medication has provided successful treatment for sufferers.

Our team of Online Therapists and Psychiatrists can also provide self-management techniques for how to deal with Panic Attacks. These include Relaxation techniques, goal setting and regular exercise to help alleviate the intensity of attacks.

How we can help you fight Panic Disorder

  • A full Psychiatric consultation, providing you with your first steps towards treatment.
  • A full diagnosis and advice for treatment long-term sent to you via post. We advise you to take this to your registered GP.
  • Referral to additional services such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (If suggested by Consultant Psychiatrist).
  • Full prescription service if appropriate from psychiatrists diagnosis and treatment plan.
  • We also offer consultations with a Cognitive Behavioural Therapist before seeing a psychiatrist.

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