Eating Issues

Eating Issues

A chronic obsession with body image carries serious risks to the individual’s wellbeing. Knowing the signs of this behaviour can help you act and manage these concerns in a healthy, constructive environment.

Obsessing about food and calorie intake.

  • Stashing food around or a lack of food in the house
  • wearing clothes that conceal your shape
  • a fear of losing control, expressing an obsessive behaviour towards food: Rituals, etc.
  • Making excuses not to eat around people or not eating
  • Using dangerous methods for weight loss such as laxatives, overtraining.

If you or anyone you know expresses these types of symptoms, they may suffer from a chronic body issue.

Body/Eating Disorders – The risks

There are a significant amount of differences between respective eating disorders. Anorexia Nervosa can result in the use of extreme methods to prevent the person from eating such as high-calorie restrictions. Others may find themselves overeating as a method of dealing with stress or anxiety. But the long-term risks attached to these conditions make them a serious concern.

Restrictive eating behaviour can result in physical issues such as reduced bone density, kidney failure along with other vital organs. And can have long-term effects on mental health.

Body & Eating Issues – Our Approach

In many instances, these issues are rooted in an underlying psychological condition such as anxiety or low self-esteem. Our team of online counsellors are highly experienced in helping those suffering from these conditions.

Our method includes getting to the bottom of your disorder and providing a clear means of dealing with issues such as Bulimia, binge-eating or extreme dieting. Allowing you to feel happier as you are.

We offer expert support including access to our online Cognitive Behavioural Therapists will prove highly effective in fostering positivity over a long-term.

Rediscover your body-positivity with us

We strive to provide a positive, non-judgemental environment, allowing you and your online counsellor to address the underlying problems. Our team is highly skilled and qualified and can provide a high quality of support in order to reclaim your happiness.

Suffering from a condition like Anorexia or Bulimia can be a challenging thing to face alone. But with us at your side, you’ll always have a source of strength and support.

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