Counselling for Gambling Addiction

Our expert Psychiatrists, Psychotherapists and Counsellors can help you kick out the dangerous dice-throw of a Gambling Addiction.

Gambling Addiction: A truly high-stakes game –

Gambling has always been a game of dramatic risks and rewards for those interested in playing. But for many, it ceases to be a game and becomes a truly destructive problem. Over a quarter of a million people suffer from some severity of gambling addiction.

For those suffering from this form of addiction, the urge to gamble can be uncontrollable, leading to severe issues with relationships, finances and the individual’s professional life.

What does a Gambling Addiction look like?

A Gambling Addiction is not easy to spot by those that know the sufferer. But it’s also hard to come to terms with and realise it, but if you experience any of these sorts of conditions, you may have an addiction:

  • Excessive levels of gambling – often with increasingly high amounts of money
  • Becoming more reclusive and secretive about gambling
  • The habit is becoming increasingly visible to friends and family
  • Often gambling addictions lead to the betting of money that the sufferer doesn’t have
  • Sufferers find a compulsive urge to bet money

Is what I’m doing considered gambling?

Often the kind of betting being done makes it difficult to identify a problem, but any instance that provokes a compulsion to bet can be considered an addiction. Forms of gambling can include:

  • Typical ‘Casino’ games such as Slots, Poker, Roulette and other table games
  • Any form of lottery both local and online

Is Gambling really that bad?

The impact on a person’s mental health long-term when gambling can be severe. It becomes a compulsion that drags in more time and money that can fast deplete, as the stakes get higher.

Sufferers have reported an awareness of their problem, but a distinct lack of control over it. Leading to escalating resentment and anger towards their problem, damaging their and their close relations wellbeing.

The Internet places even more pressure on those addicted to gambling

When those addicted had to enter betting shops or casinos in order to satiate their habit, it allowed for some measure of control. In this day and age, however, the Internet provides an effortless means of placing bets and gambling. With innumerable gambling sites online, this places even further pressure on those looking to combat their addiction.

The feeling of detachment we gain online allows us to buy, sell and gamble without a tangible understanding of what money is being gained or lost. This reinforces a ‘nothing to lose’ mentality towards betting on the Internet. While it doesn’t feel like it holds risks, that’s what makes it more dangerous.

Counselling for Gambling – Our Approach

Understanding the signs and identifying it as a serious problem is the first and best step to take for breaking the habit. Being able to openly admit that there is a damaging Gambling Addiction happening is part of a long and courageous process of reclaiming your life from addiction.

Seeing an Online  Counsellor or online CBT Therapist can seriously improve your chances of overcoming addiction. Having regular sessions with a counsellor can help you plan out a long-term strategy for moments when you feel the compulsion to bet again. Online Cognitive Behavioural Therapy has had a significant amount of success in supporting anyone ranging from self-esteem problems to chronic addictions.

Online CBT can allow you to counter underlying feelings, which may fuel an otherwise uncontrollable habit. It uses framing techniques to change your perspective on gambling as a whole. Allowing you to arrest the sometimes-uncontrollable momentum behind a ‘winning streak’.

If you’re concerned that you or someone you know suffers from a Gambling Addiction, know that we are here to help you break the habit. So don’t delay in calling us for a consultation!

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