Anger/Anger Issues

Anger/Anger Issues

Anger is an all-consuming fire. Don’t let it dominate you, our Therapists, Psychiatrists and Psychotherapists can help you manage your anger.

There is nothing unnatural or unreasonable about feeling angry. It is part of human nature to be stirred by injustice, or cruelty, or the behaviour of people whose actions threaten us or our loved ones. But sometimes we may find ourselves overcome by our feelings of anger. We may want to lash out or shout in an uncontrolled way, perhaps frightening those who are nearest to us. In the worst cases, this sort of wild anger can result in violence, which we very much regret after the event.

The feeling of anger shows itself in many physical ways. The heart races, the body’s temperature rises and we lose control of our actions. Such stresses can be damaging to our health, leading to raised blood pressure, anxiety and depression, and can even disturb the immune system which protects us against illness. Our angry behaviour can also break up relationships and cause real distress to partners and children and can lead to serious problems in our working life If you recognise any of these signs in your own behaviour, it may be time for you to look for help in overcoming your excessive anger and learning how to manage it. We can offer the sort of help you need, and we know from experience that it can make a real difference to your life, improving your own health and helping to ward off the problems that uncontrolled anger can bring.

The situations which cause the human response of anger cannot be controlled, but we can teach you ways of dealing with your reactions. Sessions with a counsellor can help you to understand your own feelings and find ways to defuse their sometimes fierce energy.

Online Cognitive Behaviour Therapy is a proven approach to this problem and has helped many to avoid such difficulties and normalise their everyday lives. With your therapist, you will work to understand the things that make you angry and learn ways to manage them. The therapist can guide you to recognise the emotions that are caught up in your angry response – fear, shame, embarrassment, unreasonable jealousy, resentment, and so on – which may be driving your anger at a deep level and which you may not immediately comprehend.

You will learn how to communicate your feelings in ways which allow problems to be avoided, and to convert your potentially destructive thoughts and actions into something more positive, as you identify the causes of your disturbance and bring them into a more realistic perspective.

This is a problem that can trouble people of all ages, regardless of their background or history, so we are used to dealing with clients from every area of life. Our therapists will help you to understand your own feelings and the impulses that drive them. We can teach you how to communicate your feelings to others in a productive manner, as well as showing you how you can control or divert the strength of your own responses when you recognise a situation which might make you very angry.

The benefits of such therapy can be immense, improving your relationships, making those close to you more at ease, and helping you to live a more balanced life

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