Why it’s important not to underestimate Chronic Stress

Why it’s important not to underestimate Chronic Stress

We all face situations that we don’t like. The triggers-known as stressors- that make us feel ‘stressed’ can vary from person to person; the same can be said for the amount of stress experienced for a task. For example, some may find the stress of an upcoming deadline as too demanding whilst others may be affected by something as simple as morning traffic. Furthermore, what we once termed as ‘stressful’ may also change with time and life experiences…my adult self certainly no longer sees the presence of spiders a challenge, for example.

Stress to an individual is, therefore, a subjective experience, however, we all face it. In fact, it’s only natural to sometimes feel the negative impact of demanding situations. None of us is perfect beings made with an extra layer of skin that beams off stress signals. It’s quite the opposite in that we have a stress hormone, cortisol within us. You may be wondering why that’s the case. Evolution favoured our bodies in providing us with a great physiological response to danger- if our ancestors were found in life-threatening situations- such as possibly being attacked by wild animals- this physiological response would be activated. Known to us as the Flight or Fight response, our bodies get prepped with the release and activation of different hormones, including cortisol, that collectively work to energise our bodies when we really need to face danger.

In theory, this sounds great and it really is helpful in actual dire situations where our life depends on us to be the most alert that we can be and ready, to save ourselves. However, long-term activation of this system or in other words, constantly experiencing stress, has a very harmful impact on both our mind and body. Unfortunately, we can often apply the same emotional and physical pressures of highly demanding and unbearable situations to more manageable stressors too, only making the impact on our health, more unfavourable. Chronic stress can affect us adversely, both physically and mentally, some examples include lower immune functioning, muscle pain, weight gain, the likelihood of insomnia, the risk to heart disease, impact on learning and memory, risk of depression, lower self-esteem, and more.

The Online Therapy Company in London prides itself in being able to provide excellent stress-management therapeutic services that are tailored to address your personal issues and problems. Stress-management is helpful, and evidence-backed, with many benefits.

Most are unaware that stress-related health problems are one of the most common health issues that adversely affect our population on a daily basis, from work-related issues to our personal lives. However, we don’t realise that chronic stress is both manageable and treatable with the right guidance.

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Our online therapists in London have years of experience in dealing with stress-related disorders such as anxiety so If you feel that you’re unable to overcome the emotional and physical demands from your environment, please seek a consultation appointment today with our online therapy clinic in London to start your stress-management journey.

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