The Physical Impact of Anxiety

Although the ‘mind’ and ‘body’ are separate entities, they are heavily intertwined and affect each other to a large extent. For example, a lot of research supports that poor mental health can lead to an increased risk of/or show a correlation to, several physical health issues such as heart disease and cancer amongst other health issues. It also works the other way around, lifestyle factors such as exercise and diet can greatly influence the state of our mind. Several studies have repeatedly shown the benefits of exercise in improving mood and energy and the benefits of a balanced diet in managing mental health.

How does the above apply to Anxiety and related disorders? Anxiety is a broad term that encompasses a range of disorders such as generalised anxiety disorder (GAD), OCD, PTSD and more. It can also be heavily linked to other mental health concerns such as Depression. The negative psychological impact of Anxiety disorders is profoundly known, these disorders can be characterised by feelings of irritability, constant unrest, chronic worrying and being entrapped in a bubble of negative thinking. Anxiety worryingly has an equally impactful influence on the body, with famously known symptoms including panic attacks, sleep deprivation and headaches.

What is important to note, however, is that the physical impact of Anxiety can manifest in many other ways since there are many other symptoms that you may face if you have Anxiety issues that you may never have known to be linked to this disorder.

Some examples include having: muscle tension and spasms, great levels of fatigue and hearing ringing or pulsing noises in the ear amongst others. Importantly, people experience anxiety symptoms differently too depending on the severity, intensity and duration of their condition and experiences.

Bearing this in mind, if you feel that you experience physical sensations that seem out of the norm or physical symptoms of unrest and/or pain, and you also face anxiety issues, it could be very likely that these conditions are linked.

In such circumstances, it is very important to see a health professional who can work with you to tackle the psychological and physical symptoms of the health issue you are facing.

At Harley Therapy Clinic our psychologists help clients to manage and deal with a range of mental health concerns, including Anxiety issues.

Feel encouraged booking a consultation appointment today to start the process of managing any psychological or physical symptoms that are caused by Anxiety issues.

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