Anxiety Related Issues

Domestic Abuse – Help Guide

Your home should be somewhere you feel safe. If you are suffering from domestic abuse, however, it is often the last place you want to be. Domestic abuse can leave a victim feeling ashamed, humiliated and scared. Abusers are often clever manipulators who can convince a victim that the abuse is all their fault or [...]

Depression – A Comprehensive Help Guide

Depression has a different scale of effect depending on the sufferer and their severity. As individuals suffering from Depression, understating symptoms of depression has the potential to be dangerous. While doctors are able to identify depression in various degrees of intensity, suffering from depression alone can be incredibly difficult. This makes seeking help crucial as [...]

Autism or Autism Spectrum Disorders – A Comprehensive Help Guide

Autism or Autism Spectrum Disorders are a genetic condition and encompass the lifespan of the individual diagnosed with it. The term spectrum implies that it varies in intensity from person to person with no single line of diagnosis. Autism profoundly affects the way sufferers experience the world and stimuli around them. ASD has a dramatic [...]

Anxiety – A Comprehensive Help Guide

Are there different kinds of Anxiety and what are they? Anxiety, in its many forms, has been an evolutionary trait of our species. In previous centuries, it’s proven a useful survival tool in our arsenal. But in our fast modernising world, it is fast becoming a risk to mental and physical health for many. Other [...]