Addiction Therapy

What is addiction? Addiction is roughly defined as an uncontrollable demand for something, one that becomes a dependency. This addiction can manifest as a psychological or physical one, leaving the sufferer having little to no control over their decisions so long as it fulfils their craving. Signs and Symptoms of addictions Addiction is almost involuntary [...]

The Truth about Overeating

Overeating – Facing the truth. (A Case Study) Excessive eating is something we’re all guilty of in one shape or another. We’ve all been involved in particular social gatherings or celebrations where we find ourselves over-indulging. But when does it cross that line between being an occasional indulgence to an all-controlling addiction? Jane Thomas, a [...]

Internet Addiction

Internet Addiction Don’t let Addiction overtake you! Our team of Psychiatrists, Psychologists and Counsellors can help pull you away from Internet Addiction. The introduction of the Internet has proved to be a uniquely disruptive and transformative innovation within our daily lives. It allows us to accomplish what was once impossible decades ago and moulds into [...]

Counselling for Gambling Addiction

Our expert Psychiatrists, Psychotherapists and Counsellors can help you kick out the dangerous dice-throw of a Gambling Addiction. Gambling Addiction: A truly high-stakes game – Gambling has always been a game of dramatic risks and rewards for those interested in playing. But for many, it ceases to be a game and becomes a truly destructive [...]

Alcohol Dependency

Overcoming Alcohol Addiction is the bravest step to take. Let us help you to take it! The amount of pressure placed on an individual in a day can leave anyone feeling stressed, anxious and desperate to find some outlet to alleviate it. Depending on the person, outlets can be as innocent as a hobby, music [...]